go My mum asked me to clean my drawers and arrange my things. Because they were dirty. It was hard work and and it took lot of time. But I cleaned everything myself! Things I used:

Water and Cleaning Cloth

binary options demo practice Water and Cleaning Cloth

here First I cleaned my book shelf. I arranged the books in the order of author’s names, like first of all I put J. K  Rowling, then David Williams, and others.  I also put stickers on the side so that it’s easy for me to find my books.

Stickers with authors names

binäre optionen handel Stickers with authors names

follow url So this is how my book shelf looked like Before and After Cleaning:

source url Then I cleaned my drawer where I keep my things.

Me cleaning my drawer

Me cleaning my drawer

prednisolone 5 mg wockhardt I took out all the things which I didn’t need. And arranged the things properly that I needed.


I like the way my book shelf and drawer looks like now but I got so tired while doing all this!