site de rencontres a rennes It started raining when we were on our way to California Tortilla. Thank God when we reached there, we found parking very easily. I ran inside the restaurant so I don’t become wet.

rencontre sidi ifni When I entered, I saw that the place was very colorful. It looked so nice. Two singers were singing songs in a corner. There was even a “wall of flame” there. I asked my mother what it was, she told me that they had kept all the sauce bottles over there. They also had a TV there which was showing Football, my favorite sport! Then we sat on a table and my parents got the menu cards. No menu card for me! I was like what am I going to eat! But then my mother shared her menu card with me. She showed me that kids menu was inside the adults menu. But there were only three things for kids. I had to choose one of them so I selected the dating celeb quiz Mini Burrito.

Una delle domande ricorrenti che mi vengono fatte tramite email è come e source site 30000 euro in questo momento. Naturalmente a 30000 euro potete When we had given the order, I got up to see more things which were there. I saw that there was also a play area. There they had put up cartoon network on a big screen.

follow url After sometime my food came. They brought a mini burrito with chips and cheese sauce for me. They also bought a small water bottle and a small brownie with it! The burrito had chicken and rice in it. I didn’t like it much. Actually I didn’t like the rice. They shouldn’t put rice in it.

Mini Burrito

get link Mini Burrito

source url But the get link brownie was very tasty! I loved it.


source Brownie

So, I would say that the place is great for desserts only. Do try it for the brownie.

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